Contractors and Remodelers, have you ever seriously considered Structural Insurance Restoration?

We have created an interactive course that teaches you how to build this into a successful focus for your company. Some contractors and builders have told us that they’ve tried Insurance Restoration but it did not work for them. It’s not rocket science, but there are rules. Once you know the rules, you can create a business that is free from most of the roadblocks that slow your business.

Click to learn more about the course, but if you’re not convinced consider the reasons why structural insurance restoration is such a smart business focus for remodelers and contractors:

  • There is always a steady demand. Disasters happen every day, everywhere.
  • It is not seasonal, not affected by interest rates, the economy, it just keeps on coming.
  • Homeowners do not have to come up with the money for repairs. Payment (except for the deductible, if any) comes from the insurance company.
  • If there is a mortgage on the home, the repairs must be done.
  • You’re not spending your time and money doing numerous estimates in order to land a few jobs. At Melesh, we land 94% of the bids that we write. Most referrals are qualified.
  • There is a great potential for upsell. Homeowners quickly understand that their insurance company is paying for labor to remove and replace damaged items. By paying only for the cost of the difference between the old items and upgraded ones, they add much value to their homes while spending a fraction of the price they would normally pay.
  • Referrals come from a number of sources, such as insurance agents and adjusters. And none of it requires paid advertising. Just building relationships… Think about it. Any one adjuster or agent handles dozens of claims per month. When you get multiple referrals from multiple adjusters/agents, the numbers start to add up.

Interested? Learn more by CLICKING HERE.