Handicapped Services


Mission: To allow those who suffer from injuries and/or disabilities to remain in their homes. To provide a physical environment in which they can function as safely and independently as possible.

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Renovate to allow for activities of daily living:

a. Access: Install ramps and platforms to allow for easy access to and from home as well as into vehicle.
b. Mobility: Widen doors and level flooring to allow moving from to room, replace door knobs with levers, even transitions from area to area.
c. Hygiene: Create wet room to allow for safe/independent hygiene. Renovate bath for wheelchair and limited use of leg and/or hands.
d. Equipment: Renovate rooms or install additions to home to allow adequate room for necessary equipment and mobility.
e. Feeding: Renovate kitchen and bath to accommodate for independent and safe meal preparation and clean up.

f. Safety: Install grab bars.

For many, if not most, injured or disabled people the healthiest, happiest place for them to be is at home. Melesh is committed to providing housing designs that meet the needs of these folks to remain at home as safely and independently as possible.

Melesh is C.H.A.M.P. certified.
(Certified Home Assessment and Modification Professional)

Winifred Melesh earned a Baccalaureate in Nursing from Adelphi University. She worked as a Public Health Nurse at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York and as a Community Health Nurse in Washington, D.C. Winnie worked with hundreds of patients who returned home after catastrophic injuries or debilitating medical illnesses. Working along with physical and occupational therapists Winnie worked to promote safety, independence and a better quality of life for her patients at home.

Winnie has taken her experiences as a visiting nurse with her as she transitioned to her new career in construction/restoration/remodeling.